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Can you ride a Motor Bike? Of course, you can!

If not, we can get you on a bike and licensed with our K53 course. 

Have you ridden for many years ever since you were a young kid messing about with your mates….and never had a spill? All of this could be true, but it doesn’t mean that you have learnt the correct or safest way to ride a motorcycle.

Why get trained? Why not? You are never too old to learn; learning new and honing existing skills increases your confidence on the bike and your travels.

Learning from a book or video is one thing, but it will never top the practical expert guidance from the eye of a professional riding instructor. 

We all pick up bad habits when we learn from friends, family and over years of riding. 

We, Twisted Copper Riding Academy, teach the right skills to be a safe, confident rider.

Motorcycling is a lot of fun, and being proficient will make it even more enjoyable. It will also make you a safer rider. Join us on our K53 course or Urban Riders Course to learn some new things.


Our K53 is a practical test to determine the ability of motorcycle riders. The entire test consists of a yard test, which includes a pre-trip inspection, a starting procedure and a skill test. The test is a measure of the motorcycle rider’s ability to handle the handling of a motorcycle, obedience to traffic rules and the use of the system of vehicle control. Only on the successful completion of the test can a driving licence be authorised.


The Urban Rider Course (URC) is designed for the Urban Rider, focussing on city, town, or commuting speeds. The URC is a combination of our Advanced Rider and Skilled Rider Courses. Exercises are done from move-off to 80km/h, teaching riders the importance of effective motorcycle manipulation in real-life traffic situations. Our course was formed to address Urban Risks based on four years of Accident Data Collection and Analysis. Riding experience of 3-6 months (1000km) is recommended.

• Stopping: it’s not just a stop
• Braking: Front & Rear Brake when and how
• Counter Steering: 2 ways & the right way
• Target Fixation: to work for you, not against you
• Quick U-turns: no time to get lazy
• Hazard Avoidance: reduce and manipulate
• Stop-n-Go: avoid rear-end
• Emergency Escape: separating swerving from braking
• Slow Ride & Filter
• Gradients

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