...twisting throttles and chasing copper sunsets…
Heartland Adventure

Heartland Adventure

This tour is organised in conjunction with Heartland SA.

This four-day trip will take us through some of the scenic back roads KZN has on offer.  We will experience some of our country’s extraordinary history and the hallowed ground where life-changing battles were fought.

Day one-we will drive through the back of the thousand hills valley heading slightly inland to Greytown, then head off to see a recent spectacle, Inkandla. Once that has been taken in, we will head through to Owens Camp to spend the night, a stone’s throw away from our first battlefield.

Day two-in the morning, we will see where a Leader was betrayed, and seven kings are buried. After that, we will head to where one of the most well-known and bloodiest battles took place in our country’s history. Because of it, this day was made one of our national holidays.

After learning what happened on the banks of the Ncome River, we will enjoy a relaxed braai and drink while watching the sunset over the hills, letting our thoughts drift away to what the Boers may have felt in that same place many years ago.

Day three-after breakfast, we will head through to Ladysmith, a place full of Zulu, British, and Boer history, where we will visit a Place called The Platland where The Siege of Ladysmith was fought.  We will spend our final night in Winterton with a view of the impressive Spieonkop battlefield where the Boers defeated the British. 

Day four-after much excitement and thought-provoking history, we will take a leisurely drive home.

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